2020-04-16 What's New in Civil 3D and InfraWorks (2021 releases)

Hasan Demür
over 1 year agoApril 17, 2020
Thanks :)
over 1 year agoApril 17, 2020
Can bridge be modeled in skew at the BB and EB?
over 1 year agoApril 18, 2020
Thank you Autodesk!
Fares Hassan
over 1 year agoApril 19, 2020
Thanks !
Tim Smith
over 1 year agoApril 20, 2020
Thank you
Chris Stevens
over 1 year agoApril 22, 2020
Thanks, Glad to see this posted.
I watched the actual webinar.

There were a lot of great questions and answers.
One of the questions was a suggestion that the Q and A be made available with the webcast recording. Will that be done?
Shuaib Yunos
over 1 year agoApril 23, 2020
Great stuff, just wondering if the geometry for bridge design can now be edited in Revit? I recall once you send to Revit from Infraworks that the geometry cannot be edited in Revit?
over 1 year agoMay 7, 2020
Hey, I'm really interested in the Dynamo for the Photos. DO you know where I might be able to find it? I have tried to search but no luck so far. 
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