The CAD to BIM Story: The Faster and Smarter Approach to MEP Design and Fabrication

Victor Obinali
7 months agoOctober 27, 2021
I have been planning with Autocad bricscad and AX 3000 for a long time and now I have to start design with Revit. 
- How do I start, what basic edit and steps regarding my floor plan must I undertake befor starting my ventilation plan in Autocad-revit for the first time? 
- which floor plan type or floor plan file, such as DWG, IFC  do I need ? 
- Do I need to work/edit on the floor plan after importeding it to revit ?
I would like to seek a basic explanation regarding which file type do I need to import to ravit and what basic file review do i need to start planing.
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